Interview on Coast FM

Posted by on Mar 7, 2014

Tim Cooper, one of the directors of Eazy Products, had an interview with South Australian community radio station Coast FM‘s Steve McNally. The interview was part of Brand South Australia‘s monthly spots promoting buying South Australian.

Tim discussed the importance of supporting South Australian businesses and the use of locally sourced components. All the components that Eazy Products uses that can be made in Australia are – over 80% of the Eazy Hanger picture hanger is Australian made by Adelaide companies. Tim also emphasised the importance of social justice in business, and that is why all the packaging for the Eazy Hanger is done by the visually impaired at the Royal Society for the Blind at Gilles Plains.

We have included the interview below – it’s only seven minutes, and gives you, our customers, a real insight into how we, at Eazy Products, see our business. 

I don’t have a drill. Is there any other way to check for studs behind a Gyproc wall?

Posted by on Jun 4, 2013

I received a great question from Bethany.

She asks, I don’t have a drill. Is there any other way to check for studs behind a Gyproc wall?

The answer is Yes.

Here is what you do, Bethany.

Screw the washer headed screw into the plasterboard.

If it goes in easily there is not a stud.

If after about 10mm it stops there is a stud.


The next question is whether it is a timber stud or a metal one.

So, firstly try pressing harder and screwing.

If the screw bites, it is a timber stud, so remove the screw, and then fix the Eazy Hanger wall segment by screwing straight into the timber stud.

If you can’t make any progress, then it is a metal stud.

In this case, I suggest you move your test hole 40mm to the left or right, and check again.

Can the Eazy Hangers be installed so as not to mark the walls?

Posted by on May 31, 2013

Sarah asks whether she can install an Eazy Hanger without marking her wall?

The short answer is, Yes.

My suggestion is to look in your local hardware store for their range of non-marking removable strips.

You can apply these to the back of the wall fix segments of the Eazy Hangers.

NOTE: Whatever you do, do NOT use the strips for fixing to the pictures themselves as they are not designed for this.

Follow the strip manufactures guides for weight loading, this may mean using more Eazy Hanger segments than we would normally recommend.

Remember, mechanically fastening will always be the most secure.

Using glue or adhesive is only as strong as the weakest link, which is normally the delamination of the contact surface, which means the peeling away of paint, paper or plaster from the substrate.

How to hang China plates with protuding rims with Eazy Hanger

Posted by on May 11, 2013

Debbie says her plates have a protruding rim underneath, what can she do?

If the rim is no deeper than the thickness of the Eazy Hanger AND a minimum 70mm from top to bottom of the rim, it will work.

If either of those two are not applicable you will need to glue a spacer under the Eazy Hanger (and under the red spacer), so as to bring them at least flush with the rim.


Is it possible to hang china plates with Eazy Hanger?

Posted by on May 5, 2013

Maria asks: Is it possible to hang china plates with Eazy Hanger?

My answer is, Yes.

Mark Top and Bottom centres on back of picture.

Place picture such that the two centre marks are at 90° to alignment jig (click to read my Eazy Hanger jig instructions).

Find a parallel spacer wide enough to move the top of the Eazy Hanger fully onto the picture.

Glue fix the Eazy Hanger.


Can I use Eazy Hanger on brick walls?

Posted by on Apr 21, 2013

Akala says ‘I am having a problem drilling into my brick wall’.

Good news, Akala, you have two options for using Eazy Hanger on brick walls.

Firstly, modern bricks are very hard, so you need a hammer or SDS drill.

It is quite possible one of your friends already has one so ask around before you buy one.

Alternatively, modern bricks are smooth and not very porous.

This means the Eazy Glue works well, so consider that method too.