Checking for studs

The nylon plasterboard fixings are not suitable if there is a stud directly behind where you want to fix.

It is easy to check using a 2.5mm twist bit. Drill a hole through the centre of your fixing cross(es) (see Section 14). If after 10 to 13mm there is nothing you can assume it will be ok to install the Eazy Hanger with the nylon fixing.

If the drill keeps drilling but more slowly, you have found a timber stud; keep going to a depth of 25mm.

If your drill won’t go any further you have found a steel stud, keep going until you find a void and you will have a pilot hole for a steel screw.

If the drill will not penetrate the plasterboard, relocate your hanger as you have probably found a screw or nail head.

SAFETY: Do not drill in line with electric or plumbing outlets!

Tutorial Image

Checking for studs video