I received a great question from Bethany.

She asks, I don’t have a drill. Is there any other way to check for studs behind a Gyproc wall?

The answer is Yes.

Here is what you do, Bethany.

Screw the washer headed screw into the plasterboard.

If it goes in easily there is not a stud.

If after about 10mm it stops there is a stud.


The next question is whether it is a timber stud or a metal one.

So, firstly try pressing harder and screwing.

If the screw bites, it is a timber stud, so remove the screw, and then fix the Eazy Hanger wall segment by screwing straight into the timber stud.

If you can’t make any progress, then it is a metal stud.

In this case, I suggest you move your test hole 40mm to the left or right, and check again.